Ionospheric Event 2012-07-08


SUMMARY OF THE EVENT: Geomagnetic activity has enhanced on July 8 due to the X-flare X1.1 of July 7 (source: As a consequence the Earth ionosphere above Europe was disturbed : 1- increase of TEC on July 8, 2- increase of TEC in the Southern region of Europe on July 9, 3- decrease of TEC on July 10.

VTEC Time Series

Figure 1: VTEC Time Series

VTEC point locations

Figure 2: VTEC extracting locations

Figure 1 shows the time evolution of the Vertical Total Electron Content (VTEC) (in red) extracted from the near-real time VTEC maps at 3 different latitudes (Figure 2): a) Northern part (top), b) Brussels (middle) and c) Southern part (bottom). Also shown, the model based on the median from the 15 previous days (in grey).

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